Public & Installation Art > The Flash Reverses Time by Jordan/ Claritas by Levertov: collaboration with Blaine Hurdle and Holly Keogh (2020)

created and installed by commission from Camp North End and ATCO Properties

"The Flash Reverses Time" by A. Van Jordan (2007)
"Claritas" by Denise Levertov (1964)

52 boards with gradations of color and with text on both sides are suspended along two sides of a converted industrial building

each poem can be read line-by-line in its entirety while walking around the building in one direction

special thanks to A. Van Jordan, Alex Smith, Damon Hemmerdinger, Camp North End, Goodyear Arts, and Sherwin-Williams Paints on Gordon Street

and inestimable love and thanks to collaborative partners Blaine Hurdle and Holly Keogh